1. Expedite all areas of the project schedule.
  2. Ensure a fit for purpose design.
  3. Optimize financial impact of all key business, contract and technical areas.
  4. Allocate costs fairly and properly.
  5. Focus on negotiations and clarity of scope.

$Profit Optimization$

Identification and Evaluation of Business Opportunities:

  1. Transmission and generation.
  2. Contractual, operational synergies.
  3. Potential partnerships.
  4. Sharing of resources etc.

Strategic Power Planning

  1. Business and Power Marketing Plans:  evaluation of customers, suppliers, core competencies, competition, risk, resources, profitability, negotiation and positioning.
  2. Pro Forma Business Analysis: forecasting, pricing, products, operations, and risk.
  3. Supply Options:  build vs. buy, fixed vs. float, generation  opportunities, hedging, other options.
  4. Implementation of Action Plans:  timing, identification of  opportunities and risks.
  5. Power Due Diligence for Acquisition and Divestitures: contracts, costs, pro-formas.
  6. Expert witness testimony for strategic power planning.
  7. Strategic cogeneration analyses.

Power Supply Coordination

  1. Integration of Power Management with core Business Units:  regulatory, engineering, operations, maintenance, risk, planning, procurement, legal, scheduling, and finance.
  2. Overall Power Supply Project Management Coordination for new capital projects Including:  regulatory application and intervention, strategic power planning,  negotiations, budget  and  schedule  preparation, coordination of  construction and commissioning.
  3. Approved Power Smart Consultant.

Regulatory Intervention

Act on behalf of the Pipeline Power Group & Associates to:

  1. Analyze rate and General Tariff Applications (GTA) to determine impacts on customers and if intervention is required.
  2. Participate in the various regulatory processes in North America to ensure customers are being treated in a fair, non-discriminatory manner.


CSI Works to Develop

  1. Regulatory strategy, rate analysis, cost of service studies and hearing preparation including IRs, preparation of arguments, cross examination, and witness representation.
  2. The PPGA welcomes new members who have transmission loads under 20 MW.


The Pipeline Power Group and Associates (PPGA) was formed from industrial customers with electrical loads of less than 15MW’s.

Mission Statement/Founding Directives

  1. Group of transmission interconnected customers in Alberta with each member having sites less than 10 MW of DTS capacities.
  2. Analyze, negotiate and promote fair, equitable and non-discriminatory treatment of power issues.
  3. Provide a united front for PPGA members who have not been properly represented by other entities.
  4. Reduce PPGA members related power capital and operating costs.
  5. Analyze and monitor regulatory events in Alberta and inform participants of findings.
  6. Intervene in power regulatory proceedings that impact members costs.
  7. Achieve regulatory cost recovery eligibility through the EUB where possible.


To enquire about membership of the PPGA please contact us