Below are links to a variety of web sites providing a wide range of useful energy industry information.  
Energy Customers Direct link to BC Hydro web site. Direct link to the Bonneville Power Administration's web site. Western Area Power Administration. Information about the WAPA-WACM, its operations and goals.

Transmission Providers Direct link to BC Transmission Corporation web site. Direct link to the Transmission System Information Networks's web site. Direct link to the Bonneville Power Administration Transmission Business Line's web site.

Electricity Organizations Electric Power Supply Association. Active in the competitive power business, EPSA advocates policies and positions. Western Regional Transmission Association. Information concerning RTO's. Has information regarding members of WRTA. Has other links as well. Western Systems Power Pool. Provides details on the organization, WSPP agreements, meetings, conferences etc. Northwest Power Planning Council. A variety of relevant links to different companies, environmental resources and specific energy suppliers. Northwest Public Power Association. Site deals with reliability and interchange operational issues. Link to the Rocky Mountain Electric League web site Has a vast array of links (over 3000) to other utilities and energy resource information. Has an entire section dedicated to the financial aspects of the utility industry.

Reliability Councils Northwest Power Pool is a voluntary organization comprised of major generating utilities serving the Northwestern U.S., British Columbia and Alberta. Site provides information on the NWPP, access to NWPP publications and links to other industry sites. North American Electric Reliability Council. Site contains Press releases and other information available about the council. Additional information and links are available about other regulatory bodies in North America. Western Electric Coordinating Council. Has substantial links to regional transmission associations, other energy industry related links and publications. Also has an archive of WSCC press releases and other information. Electric Reliability Council of Texas is one of 10 Regional Reliability Councils in the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) Organization. ERCOT represents a bulk electric system located totally within the State of Texas and serves about 85% of Texas's electrical load. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland Power Pool. Site has real time weather reports, OASIS interface, customer information and downloadable documents.

Power Pools California Independent System Operator. Site contains information about the ISO's grid and prices. Also contains information concerning overall electricity market and market analysis. New York Independent System Operator. Site contains information about the NYISO's services, market news, and real-time load conditions. Alberta Electric System Operator. Ontario Independent Electricity Market Operator. Site contains information on services, programs, the organization, and the Ontario power market. Mid-Continent Area Power Pool. Site has information on programs, committees, real time information and real time trading systems. Southwest Power Pool. Provides on line resources and news about the SPP. Has links to other organizations.

Natural Gas American Gas Association website. This association represents American gas utilities. Canadian Gas Association website. CGA promotes gas utilities and the energy market in Canada. North American Energy Standards Board. Serves as an industry forum for the development and promotion of standards, which will lead to a seamless marketplace for natural gas, as recognized by its customers, business community, participants, and regulatory entities. PIRA is dedicated to research and forecasting in the energy industry. Offers specific information about a variety of different topics including the environment, European energy prices and emission information. Standard gas contracts for long term trade.

Regulatory Canadian National Energy Board. The NEB focuses on the rules surrounding the energy industry, the environment and tariffs and trade. A good site in order to understand some of the rules that govern Powerex. British Columbia Utilities Commission. Provides information on matters of energy regulation in the province of British Columbia Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Site has FERC rulings, reports, documents, resources and industry specific information. California Public Utilities Commission. The site has several links and a "hot topics" page covering industry news related to California utilities. California Energy Commission web site. The website offers information concerning a variety of key issues in California's deregulated electricity market. National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. They are the national association of US regulators responsible for utilities. Information regarding regulatory bodies in the US.

Associations and Organizations The Canadian Electrical Association website. Provides news and information about the Canadian electrical market. The CEA represents 95% of Canada's generating capacity. The Canadian Institute of Energy. Links to other energy sites and archived newsletters. Houses the Daily Electric Power News report and other information pertaining to the industry. Electric Power Supply Association. Advances the interests of its members: competitive generators, power marketers and other suppliers. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network, a US Department of Energy resource. Has extensive links about electricity and gas. There are also several reports and papers discussing the importance or lack thereof of Power Marketers and how they affect the energy market. The Independent Power Producers association of BC. IPPBC's mandate is to develop a viable independent power industry in British Columbia that serves the public interest by providing cost-effective electricity through the efficient and environmentally responsible development of the Province's energy resources. A site dedicated to power marketing. Extensive information on electricity trading and links to industry regulatory regimes, services, jobs, electrical glossary, organization information and more. Public Utility information. Website offers information on gas, electric and other utilities. Publishers of Utilities Fortnightly.