Corporate Resource Profile

Current Solutions Inc (CSI) provides solutions to power supply issues for large commercial and industrial clients.  CSI helps the client identify the key issues, then simplifies and expedites the processes, enabling completion of projects in a timely, cost effective manner.

CSI works closely with clients on a confidential basis to ensure business needs are met and aligned with its power needs.  CSI works with clients to provide innovative custom solutions to meet their needs.  Many of the problems solved are complex: involving commercial, financial, business, operational, technical, political, risk, reliability and regulatory needs. .

CSI utilizes experienced, competent resources and has access to a vast selection of experienced professionals in the power business. 
For each client, and type of project, CSI selects qualified resources to build the team.  The team selection is different, project to project, as each client has specific needs.  IE:  cogeneration modeling study vs implementation and construction coordination vs  power transmission line and substation.

CSI specializes in power supply issues.  We manage the negotiations and power supply coordination for power transmission voltage interconnections. CSI works with, yet challenges the Utilities to ensure clients are being treated fairly, including expediting project timing, developing fit for purpose design and ensuring proper cost allocations.

CSI provides strategic guidance to clients to assist in making the right decisions concerning power supply issues and alternatives.  CSI provides detailed pro-forma budget modeling, strategic power planning, power procurement studies and transmission interconnection services.

CSI performs power budget forecasts for industrial clients and performs Power Procurement Studies and Power Strategy Studies for clients throughout North America.  CSI negotiates with over 20 Utilities across North America for various types of Power Supply Agreements.

CSI has a strong ability to influence the Utilities and Regulators due to its diverse experience with many projects and Utilities across North America.

CSI provides:

CSI does not provide:

If you are building a new facility, HIRE CSI to manage the process.
If you require purchased power, HIRE a Power Marketer.