CURRENT SOLUTIONS INCORPORATED (“CSI”) is an expert in strategy and negotiation in the power industry. By understanding the ‘black box’ of Utilities, CSI delivers dependable, proven and successful results in power solutions that enable customers to optimize their power needs. Current Solutions clarifies and manages your power risks and opportunities.

NOTE: Current Solutions clients are primarily large industrial oil and gas and pipeline power consumers.­ Specialize in commercial and regulatory negotiations for power facilities, specifically power interconnections to various grids in North America.

- Experience in 1) providing industrial customers with power and new interconnection facilities and 2) optimization of existing power facilities throughout North America.

- Strong working relationships with SR. Management and working level management decision makers at various Utilities and Regulatory bodies in AB and BC.

- Aware of the processes, workload, resources, competing projects and priorities that the Utilities face in dealing with Industrial Customer power supply applications.

- Ensure awareness of risks, options and opportunities, and that key business decisions are carried out in a cost effective manner.

- Clarify, challenge and optimize that “black box” process to benefit you. (Generally speaking, the Power Utilities and Power Regulated bodies in BC and AB provide a “black box” for the explanation of their customer interconnection and regulatory process.)

- Perform energy efficiency studies to reduce consumption and optimize tariff costs.

- Provide pro-forma 5 year power budgets.

- Successfully expedite the interconnection process.

- Performed numerous power procurement strategies for industrial customers.

- Completed and oversaw work on a pipeline with 7 new interconnection facilities in BC and 3 in AB in 2006-7.

- Completed the power supply work for a pipeline with 6 stations in the US and another 3 in Alberta-2005.

- Successfully carried out power supply interconnection and regulatory work for a large oil and gas customer in the oil sands in northern Alberta.

- Initiated and developed the ‘draft’ interconnection process, in a cooperative effort with BC Hydro and BC Transmission Corporation, currently under review for formal approval by BC Hydro and BCTC.

- Involved with approximately 1/3 of all the new ’ T’ interconnection projects in Alberta since 1999.

- Approved BC Hydro Power Smart Consultant